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Rug Printing

One of the newest products we are delighted to be working with is a carpet that is 17mm thick, 90% wool and has non-slip backing which makes it perfect as a rug material.

The product we use  is produced on rolls that are 2m wide and, just like on a full carpet, we can whip the edges (the details of this process on our Carpet Whipping page). You can see in the first image of the gallery below that we can give a rug a textile edge instead. The second image shows the back of the same rug and the non0slip backing.

We can think of little that this product is not perfect for.

If you are after a luxury promotion product for your business that is printed with your details and logo then whatever the colours we will print it for you. But if you are thinking of being creative in your own home then you can rely on us,  we can print a rug to your own specific design or idea. Don’t limit your thoughts to just a rug by the side of your bed. You can have a unique design on a rug that is as long as you want. Your hallway, your lounge, reception room – and if you need the rug more than 2m wide then, if you check our Carpet Whipping page you will see video clips showing that our experts can  do that for you too.

The only limit could be the size of your house!!!