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Retro lino

Retro/Period Lino

Linoleum flooring was invented way back in 1855 and its practicality and wear capability has made it ubiquitous as a feature in homes and commercial buildings since the late 1860s. If your current production means that you are looking for a retro or period lino that will be perfect as the flooring from the late nineteenth century to present day, then come to us to give you the answer!-In Print!

Here at Rutters we are regularly asked to create flooring for a film or stage production which is set perhaps in a large Victorian house, a small 1920s property or maybe in a tenement building. Major companies have research departments that can go deeply into the background and history of the period in which the production takes place. They can come to us with decisions already made about the pattern and colour that they require. Here at Rutters we can research too and help you discover the style that is perfect for the location and the time period your work is to be set in.

If you have a section of the original flooring then here at Rutters we can take a high resolution image of this piece, add our magic with image manipulation and enlargement to create a flooring that takes your set right back to the period you are wishing to evoke.

We use numerous specialised digital technologies which enable our experts to create the perfect image for us to print any design in vibrant crisp colour. Obviously, sampling is required prior to full production.
This gallery shows some work in progress. To view the images in a ‘Lightbox’ just click any of them and you can scroll through them all in larger versions.