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Lino Printing

For many years we have been providing solutions for all types of bespoke printed lino applications. Please find below various information about our work with lino and with vinyl flooring our work. If your need more information, please give us a call as we are sure we can help.
Bespoke Vinyl Flooring
We specialise in manufacturing custom-printed lino especially for Interiors of homes, Restaurants and leisure clubs,  TV, Films, Theatre, Exhibitions, Interiors, Events and locations where the vinyl floors’ intended use to enhance the area with a coloured  and exciting enviroment . The use of our special digital technology enables us to print any design or logo in crisp and brilliant colours and shades.

Technical Information
We can produce two different grades of bespoke vinyl flooring, for both commercial and domestic use. Please contact us for prices to discuss your own particular requirements, so we can fully understand the project  as the costs will vary according to the quantity ordered.

Easifloor – Bespoke Vinyl Flooring – Domestic Use
Our Easifloor bespoke vinyl flooring is printed onto a 3mm vinyl.  A non-slip water based lacquer can be applied to the printed surface once you have it installed to add to the longevity of the installation if you would like to extend the life expectancy of the product.
Our ‘Everyday’ domestic vinyl floor should be cleaned with a mild floor cleaner.

Retro Lino
If you are looking for a retro or period lino from the late 19th century to present day for your current production then Rutters can be your answer.
If you have a section of the original floor you would like us to create as a large print run, then we can work our magic and create a flooring that takes your set right back to any period you are wishing to evoke. You can link to our Retro-Lino page with images of work on a retro project from the button on the right.

Gorilla bespoke vinyl flooring
We use G-Floor Graphic for our long term use bespoke vinyl flooring.  It is a hardwearing, durable vinyl floor graphic material printed onto the reverse of a 2mm suitable for a wide range of applications including Restaurants, Hotel interiors, Architectural and Automotive applications, Dance and theatre floors, museum and activity centres, our Gorilla bespoke vinyl flooring comes in three different finishes, wood-grain, ceramic and coin. All finishes are suited for use in schools, nurseries, retail, trade shows, convention centres, sports arenas, locker rooms, bars/restaurants, cinemas and show rooms.

Please click on this button to see the various images we have for your printed floor, they are divided into categories so you can see similar pictures of a specific nature, we are happy to adapt them to fit your specific room dimensions and add specific features if required.

Many of our designs are by the international artist Emily Campbell using hundreds of digital photographs to create surreal landscapes for interiors. The Futuristic design gallery shows designs from Emily’s collaboration with her friend Lara Skinner. All the images for the flooring are taken from overhead, emulating the sensation of standing in the actual landscape. Through the use of photography the images seek to create a world that on the one hand is real and on the other – imaginary.

Please call 01223833522 or email your enquiry with sizes, type of event or installation and the image number or title from our library if you want to utilise one of our images.