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Creating a Carpet

Here at RuttersUK we have developed a technique that means we can recreate the artwork of a carpet digitally. This is particularly useful if it’s not possible to photograph the carpet in situ, or if the original artwork that the carpet was printed from is not available.

The recent project featured below shows how a corridor carpet at a well-known theme park was photographed and then recreated. We worked on individual elements at a time, photographing them with a sheet of A4 paper as a reference.Tracing each element, measuring accurately and  colour matching on-site are all steps that enable us to create accurate graphics from the photographs we have taken.  We then build all the individual elements, bring them together, accurately add all the pattern repeats to create artwork that is ready for a sample print.When all these stages are satisfactorily completed we can recreate the whole carpet – in this case it was fo a 17m long, 2m wide corridor to replace a carpet that had become worn and dirty after extensive use.

Whatever your carpet project is, we have developed various ways of producing a facsimile of something from a bygone age or a more contemporary carpet which needs a replacement.

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