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Carpet Whipping

Carpet Whipping

Carpet whipping, or serging, is the process of attaching a band of strong wool stiches around the edge of a carpet to protect, strengthenĀ and decorate the edge.

We use state of the art Karpet King whipping machines, which combine high quality wool stitching ability with the convenience of being able to whip carpets anywhere; you can bring your carpet to us near Cambridge or we can visit you on site by prior arrangement.

It will be necessary to join carpets over 2m in both dimensions. Using a wax seaming tape, our skilled staff will ensure a perfect pattern match every time before finishing off the carpet with a whipped edge to a colour of your choosing. We can finish off on-site or in the factory, whichever is appropriate.

We keep a wide and extensive range of natural wool coloured yarns to perfectly match the colour of your carpet or a complimentary colour to bring the edge to life and emphasise the perimeter as a feature, please discuss your choice with our experts, be it a rug for home, your touring caravan, boat or motorhome or even a hot rod or car, I am sure we can complete the perfect edge detail required. Many of our threads for whipping your carpet or rug conform to Pantone colours and if you click the colour strip at the end of this paragraph, a document will open in a new browser window, which will let you see which Pantone colours we can match.

We can whip any size carpet, from large area rugs that are not practical to move around a fixed table mounted machine, to doormats and stair runners, automobile carpet and marine carpets.

Please call us on 01223 833522 to discuss your requirements.

Here are 4 video clips for you to watch so that you can see carpet whipping and carpet joining.